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Digital Record Board - Interactive Touchscreen

We developed this digital record board in conjunction with hundreds of athletic directors, sports information directors, coaches, and athletes. Organizations can now recognize not only their current record holders, but ALL previous record holders as well. The system simply reranks all existing record holders when a new record is set.

Digital Record Board - Interactive Touchscreen

Touchscreen Record Board

We deploy weekly updates to ensure the digital records system always works flawlessly.

Digital Record Board - Interactive Display

Unlimited Record Holders

Never erase history again. Showcase your current all time record holder while still remembering the previous record holders.


Each time a new record is set, the digital record board automatically reranks all other records.

No Limits

You could come back to the digital record board after 30 years and see that you are now ranked 43rd.

School History Touchscreen

Accessible Online

While all content is perfectly designed for large touchscreens, you can also access the information online.

ADA Compliant

In order to legally link any websites to your existing sites, they must be ADA accessible. Learn More

All Devices

The Rocket Alumni Solutions Digital Record Board works and is responsive on all devices. This includes phones, tablets, laptops, and giant touchscreens. Each touchscreen also has a QR code for individuals to open the records on their phone.

Digital Wall of Fame - TouchWall

Honor & Engage

Our digital records board can also display awards, honors, and recognition. We have hundreds of pre-built, pre-templated layouts that make uploading content a breeze.

Pre-made Layouts

Showcase engaging and compelling profiles. You are never in charge of making the content look good - you simply drop it in.

Built to Impress

Nobody is impressed by something that looks like a PowerPoint...we employ cutting edge graphics, rendering, and animations to deliver the wow-factor experience community members expect.

Digital Record Board Display

Works on all devices

The digital record board can be accessed from anywhere and works on all devices.

QR Codes

Every site has a QR code that allows you to open it up on your phone.

Link to Existing Websites

We provide you with a link that you can add to any of your existing websites.


"I once held the chin up record at my high school. I had it for about a week and got my name up on the white board record board in our weight room. About a week later, another student beat my record. My name was wiped off the board and erased from history. I knew we had to solve that!"

Chase Mckee
CEO & Founder, Rocket Alumni Solutions
Chase Mckee - Founder, CEO

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